Welcome to Mauralen, my commissions book is open and my wholesale catalogue for 2024 is available on request! ❤️



I decided to leave behind a career in science to follow my true passion of art. I have always been creative, initially with polymer clay as I grew up, then silversmith jewellery and now I've found my real passion in making fused glass art! 

The items I create use the techniques and processes of fused glass which is where you use crushed glass, powder or sheet to form an image on a base of clear glass and then heat in a kiln until it fuses together. I design beautiful pieces of art to accent your home or to give as gifts! I get a great deal of satisfaction from working with my hands and always welcome commissions. I love variety so please use the contact info if there's something you would love me to make, no piece too big or small, personalised or unique I'm happy to help.

The name Mauralen comes from an amalgamation of my grandmothers names and reflects the handmade Scottish nature of the work I love to create.

The Process

Fused glass is a process by which a design is created using cold glass, cut, sprinkled or painted and then melted together in a kiln at approx. 800 degrees centigrade. I can then set these pieces in frames, wooden stands or hang them. Larger pieces and can be further melted in moulds to shape them as freestanding sculptures or dishes. The glass I use comes in many shades and hues, all colours of the rainbow so I can create pretty much anything you can think of!