extra large round bespoke dish

extra large round bespoke dish

from 95.00

These three beautiful bespoke extra large circular dishes are just wonderful. Each one taking many hours of work to complete, the photographs are so difficult to do them justice!

The wave pool dish looks like waves crashing and sparkling on a far away beach complete with glass safe glitter and a gorgeous surface texture unlike the glossy other pieces I create.

The iridescent dish is almost completely clear but for some subtle but stunning stripes of iridescent glass, beautiful in its rainbow shimmering gorgeousness.

The striped dish is the perfect show stopping dinner party piece with all of its melted glossy stripes in greens, some of which are shimmery all in themselves, see close up photos.

I have tried to make the photos correspond as closely to the true colours of the pieces themselves but, as we all know, your monitor may show the colours slightly differently to mine. Please wash with warm soapy water and non-stick scourers, never use in a microwave.

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