wine bottle dishes - plain

wine bottle dishes - plain


This listing is for the plain dish only, please choose your preferred colour.

Wine bottle dishes make an excellent gift, party talking point or snack bowl. there are four varieties: plain-a single dish no dividers. Half and half-the dish is divided into two sections equally. Chip 'n' dip-the dish space is divided into one smaller section for the dip and a large section for the chips (or keys and wallet for a practical use). Finally the 3 t-light holder-the dish is moulded into a three rounded areas which fit three t-lights, this is also a slightly deeper dish for holding anything you like!

The colour options are generally clear or brown (typical white wine or red wine bottles). I occasionally get green bottles and some of the clear bottles have a delicate green tint to them. If you have a preference please message me with your requirements.

colour of glass:
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