glass art stands - large lrgefracturedrainbowfusedglass.JPG

glass art stands - large

from 22.00
IMG_2543.JPG IMG_2546.JPG

large freestanding tree

flowers and fun dottyrainbowfusedglass.JPG

flowers and fun

from 9.00
trees - glass art stands - medium fusedglasstreesmauralen.JPG

trees - glass art stands - medium

from 14.00
creature stand fusedglassblackunicorn.JPG

creature stand

from 10.00
personalisedchristmas.JPG robindecoration.JPG

christmas tree decorations - personalised

christmas tree decoration robinnohat.JPG

christmas tree decoration

christmas mini stand penguinministand.JPG

christmas mini stand

new range rounds - large and medium fusedglassdottreeblue.JPG

new range rounds - large and medium

from 15.00
scottish collection of stands fusedglassthistlemauralen.JPG

scottish collection of stands

from 15.00
glaswegian sayings stands fusedglassglasgow.JPG

glaswegian sayings stands

from 7.00
new range - hand-drawn collection handdrawnanimalsfusedglassmauralen.JPG

new range - hand-drawn collection

from 15.00
Classic Tree Stand - Large largetreestandsfusedglassmauralen.JPG

Classic Tree Stand - Large